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One Way Van Rental UK To Spain - Road Checks Are A Problem For Self Drive Van Hirers

One way van rental UK to Spain needs to have a professional removals company behind it in order for it to be cost effective and safe. Many people will consider hiring a van and moving their belongings to Spain themselves, but this can present a number of problems.

One such problem is the police traps that are prevalent throughout France and into Spain. Less experienced drivers may find themselves in trouble accidentally because of these traps, whereas experienced drivers who often deal with van hire Spain will not. The police often wait at toll booths and other junctions with weight pads, and pull vans over to ensure that they do not go over the legal weight limit. If your van used for your removals to Spain is overweight, then you will be fined and that fine can be anything up to 4,000 euros a time. This is bad enough, but the fine must be paid in cash at the roadside, and the excess weight must be offloaded before you will be allowed to move on with the rest of your journey. This is why having an understanding of the laws about the weights and loads that can be put into a hire van from Spain or the UK is essential. Another difficulty you may face is being subject to a drugs search, and this involves unloading your entire van for it to be checked by a sniffer dog. Without the right knowledge and experience, you could find yourself in serious trouble, out of pocket, and without some of your belongings.

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