Average costs of removals to Spain

Average costs of removals to Spain

It’s a question asked by many people planning to move to Spain. How much do I need to budget for my removals costs? What are the Average costs of removals to Spain?

Well help is at hand. Advance Moves international removals specialise in removals to Spain and can give you some clear indications on the Average costs of removals to Spain and the average costs of removals from Spain to the UK.

Average costs of removals to Spain based on volume.

To start with its all about the volume. Your average costs of removals to Spain are determined by the size of your removal. Most movers can quote you on a rate per cubic metre of furniture and effects moved. Usually you will find that the smaller your move the higher the rate per cubic metre. This is because every removal company that moves you to Spain will have standing and fixed costs that they have to cover for every collection and delivery. If they only collect one cubic metre then these initial costs are high and have to be passed on to the client, so your average costs of removals to Spain on a small move are much higher than the average costs of removals to Spain on a larger move or full house removal. Taking this into account your average costs for a removal to Spain based on a small move of just one cubic metre would be from £250 to £600 GBP. Now that’s a wide range, but a number of factors also come into play.

Other factors that affect average removal costs to Spain

Other factors that affect average removal costs to Spain are things such as collection and delivery location and access (walking distance from where a truck can park to your properties front door), How many floors is your property  on, is there a lift and parking? The items you take count as well, do some items need special wrapping or handling, any dismantling or reassembly work? Are the items fragile or hard to stack and load/transport. All these issues effect price.

The curve ball on average removal costs to Spain

The other main factor on price is timing. If you are really flexible with regard to collection and delivery dates then a mover can include you with other removals. This is called a groupage service or a part load to Spain. It’s how most movers operate and the more flexible you are on collection and delivery dates then the better the groupage delivery price will be to yourself, especially if a mover has a truck already passing near to you on one of their preplanned routes.

Beware the curve ball on part loads to Spain

One issue that comes about from groupage or part load removals services to Spain is the time it takes for your removal to Spain to be completed. Some movers will promote a regular service but when it comes down to it, you can be waiting for a long time before you get your effects delivered to you.  Your only protection against this is to use a more professional mover with a proven track record. This is where advance moves international removals can help. Whatever the size of your removal to Spain they can give you an instant online quote for your removal to Spain in just 30 seconds. Just enter some basic details about your removal to Spain and 30 seconds later your quotation is emailed to you. Click here to try it out.

Save time and money on removals to Spain

The advance moves quick quote system, doesn’t just give you an instant online quote for your move to Spain in 30 seconds. It also saves you time and money as once you have received your quick quote you will then receive up to 5 more accurate quotations from independent professional removers that are competing to give you the best price and level of service on your removal to Spain. The service is free and without obligation, it’s just the best way to save time and money on your removal to Spain.

Average costs of a full house removal to Spain

When you move your entire house you will be dealing with a volume of maybe 10 to 30 plus cubic metres. Once you get into this range of volume you will find the price per cubic metre for your removal to Spain drops significantly. Once again the bigger the move the lower the rate per cubic metre as those fixed costs for your removal are absorbed by the fact you are moving so much. expect your average removal costs for a full house move to be from £120 to £200 GBP per cubic metre. price varies due to volume, access, timing and level of service. If you need full packing of boxes and export wrapping of furniture then you may even exceed this top limit.

Beware prices that are too good to be true.

We have seen prices advertised on social media for rates per cubic metre as low as £80. The phrase buyer beware should not be taken lightly with prices as low as this. Whilst you may be able to secure a good rate if a professional mover is desperate to fill a truck on a pre arranged trip, you will generally find that you get what you pay for. If you want an accountable, professional and reliable removal company to undertake your removal then you cannot expect to pay such a low rate.  However if Jim has a bit of space in the back of his trusty transit van after hes finished buying and selling whatever he deals in between the UK and Spain, and he wants an extra few quid in his back pocket, then take your chances…………….Our advice is stick to the pros, you will pay a little more but you won’t get the removal horror stories. Use advance moves and deal with professional removal companies that specialise in removals to Spain.

How to save money on average removal costs to Spain

Tips to save you money on your removal to Spain. Firstly try and reduce your volume. This is the main cost factor, The best thing to do is to justify each item. For example, taking your high value solid teak dining table is a good idea. its costly to replace and its strong and robust so it won’t break in transit.

However your chipboard wardrobe from homebase is probably not worth taking, it’s cheap, takes up a lot of room, can easily be replaced at your destination with a new and similar product and also chipboard does not travel well.

Reducing volume on your removal to Spain

Do all you can to pack as small as possible, If something dismantles then take it apart and flat pack it. Box what you can and use clothes, cushions and linen as packing materials in boxes so you don’t need to use additional packing materials like paper and bubble wrap.

This all saves on space and packing material costs. Also the more square you can make an item the better as it then it packs into a smaller space.  Tricky items like bicycles are awkward shapes so remove pedals (you can actually remount them inwards) and loosen and twist handle bars to make the bicycle as flat as possible.

How to save money on removals to Spain

The easiest way on how to save money on removals to spain is to use the advance moves quick quote system to get up to 5 independent quotes from professional removal companies that can undertake your removal.

Then choose the mover that is right for you with the most competitive quote for the best service for your move to Spain. Remember to look carefully at what you are getting for your money. Some removal quotes may be more expensive than others but they may also include additional services or export wrapping, so the quality of the move is improved. Not all quotes offer the same value.

More information on saving money when moving to Spain

Visit the moving to Spain and Removals to Spain information pages on the advance moves site. These pages are packed full of info of what you need to do to live, work or retire in Spain. Advance moves believes that the more info you have the better, so you are fully prepared for your removal to Spain and how to then go about living in Spain.

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