How long can I stay in Spain after Brexit

How long can I stay in Spain after Brexit

With the end of the Brexit transition period in sight many people are now asking How long can I stay in Spain after Brexit? If you have assumed Spanish residency then you can stay as long as you like but what if you are planning on moving to Spain in 2021 after Brexit or if you own a holiday home in Spain, or if you just like to be able to spend long periods of time in Spain especially over the winter. Well the team at Advance Moves International removals has been looking into it for you………….

So How long can i stay in Spain after Brexit?

Well here’s what we know so far……………. But with Brexit negotiations ongoing, things could change in the coming weeks so keep an eye on the advance moves blog for updates.

Advance moves has an information page on Moving to Spain to help with all aspects of Moving to and Living in Spain.If you want to move to Spain then have a read.

You can stay in Spain after Brexit but……..

Basically Non-Spanish residents and  UK nationals should still be able to enter Spain visa-free when  automatic freedom of movement ends … but only for short stays. 

The 90 days in every 180 days rule

The UK, (as agreed by the EU) will be added   to the list of visa-exempt countries  as long as the   UK reciprocates.  This means that  unless there is an alternative UK/Spain agreement, UK citizens will be limited to visiting Spain for up to 90 days within any 180-day period without a visa. 

The 180-day clock would start when you first enter Spain  or any other  Schengen state  as of  2021 as a non-EU citizen, with each subsequent departure and entry recorded and counted at border control. Once you have been away from Spain for a full 90 days  you will be  allow a new stay of up to 90 days, once you have used up your allowance you will not be permitted to enter another Schengen country without a visa.

so 3 months is how long you can stay in Spain after Brexit

So basically you can stay for 3 months in any 6 month period as a rule of thumb. For longer stays you need to have a visa. 90 days/3 months should be enough for most people unless you have been wintering in Spain, in which case you can spend 90 days in Spain but will then have to return to the UK and can only return 90 days later (once the 180 day period is passed) and the 180 day clock starts over.

Border controls

Just how well policed this counting of days will be is unknown but if it involves a fine then you can bet the Spanish authorities will be all over it.

Those who remain UK residents  but own a Spanish holiday home will therefore need to take extra care when planning trips to Spain  or anywhere in the E.U.  to avoid illegally overstaying  and  potentially being denied entry.  You may be required to answer questions at the border about the duration and purpose of your visit. It could be that if you do overstay then penalties may occur or future entry to Spain is denied or restricted.

For stays over 90 days or the right to work in Spain as a non-EU national, you would need to apply in advance, under as yet unknown conditions and rules.

For more information on Moving to and Living in Spain after Brexit check out the Advance Moves information pages on Moving to Spain.


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