How to move to Spain from the USA

How to move to Spain from the USA

Moving from the USA to Spain is a very popular dream for many people living in America. Whether you are moving to Spain from the USA for work, a new life or to retire, Spain offers a more relaxed and family orientated way of life where the emphasis is on enjoyments rather than working yourself silly. Spain has it just about right when it comes to lifestyle. So it’s no wonder that so many Americans are asking How to move to Spain from the USA.

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Information pages on how to move to Spain from the USA

The advance Moves website has two information pages dedicated to all aspects of how to move to Spain from the USA. The information not only covers the actual process of moving to Spain from the USA but also how to live and work in Spain. With advice on becoming a Spanish resident and such things as obtaining an NIE, opening a bank account, healthcare, schooling, driving and many more subjects. Just about everything you need to know on how to move to Spain from the USA.

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Why move from the USA to Spain?

So you are thinking of moving from the USA to Spain? Whether you want to leave the big smoke  behind and embrace rural Spanish living or dive into the culture of Spain’s historic cities, you’ll find there’s so much more to life in Spain than sunshine and siestas. If you are looking for a famously laid-back lifestyle and with a  real zest for life, Spain is appealing to a growing number of American expats –many American expats  will have learned Spanish in school and so find the language not much of a barrier.  Spain is a country with a long history and stunning natural beauty, from the long golden beaches of the Costa Brava to the mountains of Andalucía. Spain is also home to some of Europe’s most vibrant cities, including Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao. Children are welcome everywhere, with family being a top priority for the Spanish and , making it a popular destination for American families. And with excellent colleges and that beautiful sunshine climate, it’s also a winner with students and senior citizens.

How to Move to Spain from the USA and Healthcare

Before moving from the USA to Spain, it’s wise to think about medical cover for when you’re out there.  If you are working for a Spanish company or as a self employed person you will pay social security and you and your family will be entitled to free health care.  Companies also have to supply a private health cover for employees to cover any injury obtained in the work place.

If you are looking at moving from the USA to Spain, to study or retire, then you will need a private health insurance, and there are plenty of companies to choose from, as well as different levels of insurance.

Becoming a citizen of Spain

Americans can visit Spain for up to 3 months without needing a visa. If you are planning on moving from the USA to Spain, study, work or retire, however, you will need to apply for a visa from the Spanish Embassy in your home state before arrival in Spain. Once in Spain, you have three months to apply for your corresponding permit from the Spanish Ministry of Interior.

After you have lived in Spain for five years, you can apply for the right to permanent EC residence. This will allow you to live and work in Spain, and the rest of the EU, for as long as you like.

If, after ten years of living in Spain, you officially want to call it home, you can apply for Spanish citizenship. You will then have all of the same rights as Spanish citizens, including the right to vote. In some cases, this can happen within a shorter time frame – for example, if you marry a Spanish citizen. Applications cost $65-110 and will usually mean you must renounce your American citizenship (at an extra cost of $2,350).

How to Move to Spain from the USA and the Job market

If you are looking at moving from the USA to Spain, it is worth knowing that the Spanish  economy is now one of the fastest growing in the EU and unemployment levels are falling. Graduate and unskilled workers have been worst affected, with skilled workers faring better in the job market. The tourist industry, teaching, industrial and renewable energy engineering, the creative sector and medicine are all industries which are thriving – and struggling to recruit. You can find out which industries are experiencing recruitment shortages in different Spanish areas with the State Public Employment Service.

When moving from the USA to Spain, it is worth considering that Spain prides itself on a fantastic work-life balance. The standard working week is 40 hours, and a working day must never exceed 9 hours. Working days are often structured differently to back home, with some companies taking a long lunch break from 2pm-5pm and then working a little later until 8pm. People work to live and you can expect at least 30 days’ paid holiday allowance, along with no less than 14 public holidays to enjoy.

How to Move to Spain from the USA and Transferring money to Spain

If you’re about to move from the USA to Spain, you’ll probably need to convert some of your savings into euros. 

However, it’s best to avoid using high street banks for this process, as you’ll usually have to pay high fees, and you won’t get the best exchange rate. 

There are many good currencies companies that can assist you and it is worth researching the internet an blogs for the best experience.

How to Move to Spain from the USA and Education

if you are moving from the USA to Spain and have children, then you will need to research schooling options. Spanish education is mostly state-funded, with primary education for grades 1 through 6, then four years of ‘Obligatory Secondary Education’ (ESO). At the age of 16, students can leave high school or choose to go on to either Bachillerato education to prepare for college, vocational training or art school. Standards have improved greatly over the last 20 years thanks to increased investment. Schools have a more casual feel than in the States, with relaxed dress codes, two-hour lunch breaks where students return home and student on first-name terms with their teachers. In regions such as Catalonia, students learn both Spanish and their regional language. There is no official league table for state schools in Spain so go by word of mouth if you can.

Schools in Spain

There are also some excellent private and international schools to choose from, many holding classes in English. Some private schools are actually partially state-funded and so can offer subsidized fees for their students.

Spain is home to some world-class colleges, with Barcelona offering up the best choices. The best institutions include the University of Barcelona (ranked 160th in the world), the University of Navarra, the University Complutense Madrid, the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona, and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.

and clubs, as well as a great gay scene in Chueca area. Valencia has a laid-back scene, with a young student crowd, parties on the beach and plenty of live music. And don’t forget about the Spanish island of Ibiza and its iconic sunsets-and-superclubs.

Spain has an inclusive and welcoming approach to socializing, so whether you want to bring your kids along to a bar, find LGBTQ-friendly nightspots, or get to know the older residents in your town, you’ll find people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying each other’s company.

How to Move to Spain from the USA and the Pros & cons of living in Spain

There are so many benefits to making a life in Spain. The sunny climate, the relaxed way of life, the delicious cuisine and the amazing beaches – to name but a few! But while the Spanish culture is unarguably friendly, be prepared to make some adjustments and try to be aware of the country’s complicated regional politics. On the downside, that relaxed Spanish attitude can mean late paychecks, banks only opening in the morning, everything shutting down in the afternoon (not the time to be running errands) and late, late mealtimes. And don’t even think about getting anything organized in August. The whole country will be at the beach.

If you want to move to a country that is relaxed and fiery in equal measures, has spectacular natural beauty (did we mention the beaches?), great food and a genuinely family-friendly outlook then Spain could well be the country for you.

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Information pages on popular destinations to move to.

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