How to save money when moving house in 2023

How to save money when moving house in 2023

Many people want to know How to save money when moving house in 2023. Well, there are a few simple steps you can take to save yourself both time and money when moving house.

How much are you moving?

Firstly you need to work out how much you are moving and in doing so you need to try and condense and lower your volume. Most removal companies will base most of their costings on the volume you are moving and then how far you are moving it. You cannot control the distance needed to travel to your new home but reducing your volume is a must do.

How to reduce your volume

  • Dismantle and flat pack any furniture that you can.
  • Use towels, clothes, cushions that you are moving as padding when packing boxes
  • take legs off tables, chairs, units etc, making them easier to stack and maneuver
  • label boxes clearly with your name, the room you want them delivered to and rough contents.
  • pack boxes tight but don’t make them too heavy
  • some smaller items of furniture can be filled and used to carry items inside but check with your mover what is acceptable to them. Do not make furniture too heavy.
  • really evaluate what you are taking. if its bulky and cheap then it might be best to through it out and buy new when you arrive at your new house. Moving house is a good time for a clear out. do not take what you do not need as you will be paying for it.

How to save money on your moving house costs in 2023

Once you know your volume you can then use the advance moves website to get quotes for your move from up to 6 different Moving companies.

All you need to do is use the advance moves quick quote. Enter some basic details about your move and hit the submit button. You will then receive an instant online quick quote for your removal.

Advance moves can quote you for local moves, or national, or international moves to just about anywhere in the world.

How to save a load of money when moving house in 2023

Once you have received your quick quote from advance moves the real magic starts to happen. You see, advance moves matches the data about your house move that you entered into the quick quote system. They then match you to the 6 best movers for your removal criteria. You will then start to receive up to 6 more accurate quote from professional removal companies that have been matched to your removal requirements.

This service is free and without obligation.

You just get to select the mover that gives you the best service and price for your house move in 2023.

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