Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit?

Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit

So we are less than three months away from the end of the Brexit transition period and we still don’t know what the British expat can do with regard to moving to Spain after Brexit. There are plenty of rumours circulating but its cutting it a bit fine for us all, and many people are finding that Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit as they just cannot make any plans.

This whole state of limbo is very frustrating for both people looking to move to Spain as well as all the industries associated with relocating people to Spain. How can you plan your removal, purchase a house, find a job, plan your retirement, if you simply do not know what the situation will be after the transition period ends.

We live in hope

We all hope that the powers that decide what will happen, have all our interests at heart ,and that British nationals and European citizens alike, can continue to live, work and holiday like before Brexit. Freedom of movement and freedom to settle in Europe without too much more red tape are important factors that need sorting out ASAP. Let’s hope we get some guidance soon as to what is going to happen so we can all get on with our lives.

Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit

If you are one of the many people with your move plans on hold at the moment then you may want to get ahead of the game for when we do know what’s happening by checking out the advance moves moving to Spain information page that gives as much information as is currently available on moving to Spain after Brexit and if your Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit.

Advance moves can help with your move to Spain

Advance moves International removals can help with your removal to Spain and save you time and money by giving you instant online quotes for your move to Spain, that is then backed up by up to 6 more accurate quotes from professional removal companies than can help you when Moving to Spain is delayed by Brexit.

Let’s all hope we get the green light soon and then we can all get moving again………….

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