Removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020

Removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020

Portugal is a very popular destination for the expat but with 2020 seeing the implementation of Brexit, how does this affect Removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020. Well not much has changed until the end of the transition period that is currently scheduled to end on 31st December 2020. Up until then you can still undertake a removal to Portugal and settle in Portugal just like any other EU citizen. But after the end of the transition period the whole process of Removals to Portugal after Brexit is likely to become more complicated and costly. It all depends on the negotiations currently ongoing between the UK and the EU.

Removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020

The team at Advance Moves international removals can help you with your removal to Portugal after Brexit. They have an information page dedicated to just about everything you will need to know to live in Portugal, as well as the process of undertaking Removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020. Just about everything you need to know is on the information page. Check it out at the Removals to Portugal information page on the advance moves site.

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Removals to Portugal after Brexit and the Portuguese government

The Portuguese government has taken particular care to reassure British expatriates living here that they are welcome to stay and enjoy benefits in Portugal, but  have urged Britons already living in Portugal or those who are looking to undertake a removal to Portugal after Brexit to secure residency in time.  Portugal has also confirmed that for those looking to undertake removals to Portugal after Brexit as permanent residents or students, that Britons are more than welcome.

The Portuguese government confirmed its intention to protect the rights of British citizens living in Portugal – as long as the UK extends the same rights to Portuguese nationals living there. It also pledged to extend access to public healthcare and social security to UK nationals post-Brexit. 

Residency rights and removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020

 If you can prove you had settled status while you were still an EU citizen you are eligible to remain and apply for residency. You would have until 31 December 2020 to apply for a registration certificate (cartão de residéncia) with the local câmara municipal. Under Portuguese law, EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens who remain in Portugal for longer than 90 days, have to formalise their right of residence by registering at their local Camâra (town hall) within the following 30 days. The certificate obtained is valid for five years and the cost is €15.

If you are looking to undertake a removal to Portugal in 2020 you would have until the end of the year to demonstrate you were settled in Portugal and you can apply for residency as an EU citizen. 

Once you  have successfully registered for residency you will receive a five-year permit. This allows you to live and work in Portugal and enjoy the same rights to benefits and healthcare as Portuguese citizens. After six years, you have the option to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Moving to Portugal and Establishing settled status 

So what steps can you take to help demonstrate you are settled  and have undertake a removal to  Portugal before the Brexit cut-off?  

If you meet the criteria to be tax resident make sure you formally register with the Portuguese tax office, meet your obligations and submit annual tax returns. Other good indicators of residence in Portugal include registering for the national health card (cartão do utente), holding a local bank account and arranging a Portuguese will. 

Once you are settled here, existing partners and close family members will be able to join you in Portugal. However if  you spend five or more consecutive years outside of Portugal as a UK national – even within another EU country – you would lose your residency status here.

If you are looking to undertake a removals Portugal after Brexit, of course you will be able to do so, but you will need  visas and permits to remain in Portugal. While the government has reassured that British nationals will remain welcome here, the process to be much less straightforward than it is at this stage.

Removals to Lisbon after Brexit

An city with a laid back vibe, Lisbon is a city where you can enjoy everything from the simple pleasures of freshly grilled sardines or an infamous Lisbon custard tart whilst meandering along the quaint cobbled streets or along the banks of the Tagus river or at the immense, lush Monsanto Forest Park, to experiencing fine dining, taking in a traditional Fado performance, and then dancing away into the wee hours in one of the city’s incredible bars. If you are looking to move to city, then removals to Lisbon, could be for you.

Removals to Porto after Brexit

Situated on the Douro river estuary in Northern Portugal, Porto is a fascinating and vibrant metropolis that in recent years has jumped up the list of top European cities.

Summer tempertures reach about 28 ˚C, and  Winters are mild, but expect rain between October and February.

Porto is a wonderful place to explore.The ancient heart of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site, with pretty cobbled streets flanked by traditional houses, and abounding with palaces and churches.

This is also a coastal city, and the seaside is never far away. The up and coming modern city is ultra hip and full of stylish bars and restaurants, and offers tourism related business opportunities for expats — in fact the expat community in Porto is rapidly on the rise.

Prices in Porto are low, the food and wine are delicious, the atmosphere is welcoming and fun, and there is an abundance of things to do — could this be the best place to live in if you are looking to undertake removals to Portugal for expats? Maybe removals to Porto is worth exploring.

Removals to Setubal in 2020

In the south west of Portugal lies Setubal, a bustling port town perfectly situated for exploring the natural wonders of the wetlands, beaches, forest and estuaries nearby — it’s even common to spot dolphins in the waters here — and maybe even take part in some watersports. The city is famous for its seafood and  an excellent variety of  wines. If you like a bit of history, there are some  interesting architectural gems to see in the city, including the famous 15th century gothic church.

There are a good number of expats here, many of whom are retired or work in the tourism industry. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as good shopping to be had, and Setubal benefits from mild temperatures in the winter and pleasantly balmy weather in the summer months. Maybe if you are looking for a good place to retire, then removals to Setubal is for you.

Removals Albufeira in 2020

The Algarve has long been a favourite of British holidaymakers and expats. The weather here is sublime, the scenery is breathtaking, and the way of life in tranquil.

Albufeira is the largest  most lively  of the resort towns which are  dotted along the Algarve coast, and there is a thriving expat community here, complete with a plethora of British bars and restaurants.

This is essentially a seaside town at heart with a heavy focus on tourism and a huge range of activities and attractions on offer, and is particularly well suited to families with lots for children and teenagers to do, including water parks, theme parks and of course, the sunny beaches. if you are looking to work in the tourist industry then maybe a removals to Albufeira is for you.

Removals to Coimbra after Brexit

Nestling in the rural heart of Portugal halfway between Lisbon and Porto, the university town of Coimbra is blessed with warm and mild but rainy winters.

 A traditional city, with plenty of property bargains to be had both within Coimbra itself and in the surrounding areas. This is an historic and fascinating city, and the university is one of the world’s o The student population adds a lively dynamic to this affluent city, bringing with it some great nightlife and a fun atmosphere. The setting is beautiful, with old houses and buildings tumbling down the hillside to meet the river.

But this isn’t an antiquated city — it also boasts a bright, fashionable waterfront park with bars and restaurants, and huge modern shopping complexes. There’s something for everyone in Coimbra. If you are looking to retire to Portugal, then maybe removals to Coimbra is for you.

Removals to Faro in 2020

Faro in the south of the Algarve boasts a hot climate, with scorching summers averaging at between 28°C and 30°C, and due to this, is very popular with British expats- – particularly retirees.

Faro boasts an international airport, which makes travelling back to the UK a breeze. This attractive city is mostly modern, with pedestrian streets paved with mosaics, lush leafy public gardens, and chic marina.

However there are some vestiges of more ancient times, including museums and chapels in the remaining medieval quarter. There’s a sizeable university here too, which has given rise to an excellent bar and club scene.

Foodies will love the excellent markets and seafood restaurants, and nearby beaches are quickly and easily reached by bus. If you are looking for a lively place to live with easy access to travel the rest of the world, then removals to Faro could well be for you.

Removals to Portimao after Brexit

Situated in the Algarves region to the west, Portimao is popular with tourists largely thanks to its dazzling coastal location on the broad estuary of the Arade river.

Traditionally a centre for sardine fishing, Portimao has over the years been transformed into a large, energetic city with beautiful quayside areas and beaches, quaint historic buildings and plazas, cool outdoor cafes, museums, theatres and art galleries, shopping galore, excellent seafood restaurants, and plenty of sporting events throughout the year — one of which is the famous Dakar rally.

Removals to Portimao has become increasingly popular with expats, and it looks like the trend is set to continue.

Removals to Aveiro in 2020

The ‘Venice of Portugal’, Aveiro, is  the small coastal city  and  is a surprising city where old meets new to create a flourishing town with abounding with youthful energy.

Aveiro is small enough to be easily explored on foot, and it’s a pleasure to explore.

Houses are decorated with glittering traditional tiles, the system of canals that wind their way through the city sprinkled with colourful wooden boats, are extremely pretty, and the restaurants boast incredible seafood dishes fresh from the ocean.

Expats are also enticed here by the warm weather, and as the Aveiro grows, more and more tourists are being attracted here, which bodes well for expat work and business opportunities. Maybe if you are job hunting removals to Aveiro is for you.

Removals to Braga in 2020

Braga is the oldest city in Portugal  and boats a chilled out lifestyle with the  benefit of  affordable property prices.

Located in the north west of Portugal, Braga has Roman roots, and is brimming with culture. For History lovers there  is a wealth of art, fine architecture, museums, galleries and important monuments such as Roman baths and cathedrals.

 Braga has an eclectic bar and restaurant scene largely due to the thriving and lively student population, along with  plenty of shopping opportunities from quirky boutiques to major stores.

The climate is cooler here than in the southern regions of Portugal, but is still very pleasant, with summer temperatures averaging out at around 24˚ C in summer to 12˚ C in winter. If you are looking for a bit of culture in life, then maybe removals to Braga is for you.

Not just removals to Portugal after Brexit in 2020

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