Working in Spain in 2023

Working in Spain in 2023

If you are going to be Working in Spain in 2023 then you will need a work visa or residency permit in order to do so. Many people are now also talking about the new digital nomad visa that allows people to work in Spain whilst not actually physically working on or with a company in Spain. Whatever your case, if you are basing yourself in Spain for work then you will need to register with the Spanish tax man and pay taxes in Spain. With short stay periods of work you maybe able to just get away with things , but if you plan to base yourself in Spain then you will need to become registered with the Spanish authorities and start paying taxes.

A word of warning…..Spain is a great place to live but you will be taxed quite heavily before you even actually start earning anything. To start with you will have to pay monthly social security payments that can be from 250 to 600 euros, depending on the amount of money you earn whilst working in Spain. You will then also have to pay about 20% tax on any earnings with no, or a very low 0 rate tax threshold on your earnings. Its not a very fair system but if you want to live and be working in Spain you have to follow the countries rules no matter how tough they are.

Relocating to Spain for Work

If you are relocating to Spain for work in 2023 then you can use advance moves to obtain quotes for your relocation. This is very useful when you have to submit the required 3 or more quotes for removal expenses to your employer. Advance moves allows you to submit some basic move details and to the obtain up to 6 quotes from independent removal companies that have been matched to your removal requirements. Its quick and easy. Its a simple way to get the info that you need for your relocation package to Spain and submit it to your employer if they are covering your expenses when moving.

More info on Moving to Spain in 2023

More info on working in Spain in 2023 and relocating to Spain in 2023 can be found at the advance moves moving to Spain and removals to Spain pages. Info and links on just about all aspects of moving to Spain for work are covered.

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