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What kind of boxes should I use? Do I need to unpack my chest of drawers?
Can I purchase packaging materials from you if I wish to pack my own? What should I do with my gas cylinders or flammable liquids?
Box packing tips Will you empty my loft?
How do I label my boxes? Does my furniture get placed to my requirements?
How do I label my furniture? How long can I store for?
Do I need to dismantle furniture? What items are not allowed to be stored?
Can I use other things to pack into? How do I pay for my move?
What should I do with loose items? Are you registered with professional bodies and fully insured?
What can't we take? Customs Regulations (International Removals Only) What are the quotes based on?
Can I take plants? Do I need to organise parking?
Do you take pets? Do I need pay the congestion charge?
What areas do you cover? Will I have to pay VAT (IVA)?
Are there areas you will not move people from or to? Do you ship motorcycles?
How much notice do you require? Are my goods insured during transit?
What size are your vehicles? My things are in Storage and I have been given the Square Meters
How to Calculate My Volume? Fridges and Freezers?

What kind of boxes should I use?

Only use robust cartons (2 ply wall is best). Your cartons should be filled to the top and sealed with plenty of tape.
Please don't pack your boxes too heavy!!!

When packing your own boxes please do so into robust twin wall type removal boxes so that your possessions within are well protected. It is important that when packing a box you make sure that you are able to lift and carry the box without strain. This is for the health and safety of our removal crews and also a heavy box is prone to splitting or crushing whilst in transit.

A good idea is to fill your boxes with light items from the half way point, or to cut down the sides of the box and fold to make the box smaller if the contents starts to get too heavy.

If they are too heavy they will crush once on the vehicle.

Our crews are instructed to inform you if boxes are too heavy (more than 25 KGs) and you will have to repack the box at that moment or the crew will need to do it for you at a charge of £7 for a fragile box and £5 for a non fragile box.

Please do NOT pack items into plastic bags or vacuum bags as these may split open during transit. If packing into vacuum bags place in a box for protection.


How do I label my boxes?

Mark all your boxes with your name, contents and what room the box is to go to in your new home.


How do I label my furniture?

For International moves, it's a good idea to attach a label with your name and reference number to the back or base of all furniture and boxes for shipment.

Whilst we export wrap and label all items of furniture and label all boxes for International Moves, in the unlikely event that one of our labels should come astray, this will help us identify your items.

For Domestic moves within the UK or Spain, items are blanket wrapped and unless the items are coming into storage between collection and delivery, there is no requirement for you to label any of your furniture.


Do I need to dismantle furniture?

Unless this was agreed at the quotation stage, then all items needing dismantling are expected to be dismantled and ready to move prior to our arrival.

If agreed at the quotation stage our staff will carry out dismantling and re-assembling to the best of their ability. It is essential that we know what is required at the quotation stage to allow for the necessary resources and equipment to be provided.


Can I use other things to pack into?

If you use crates or bins to pack items into you will need to seal the open tops with cardboard and tape.


Fridges and Freezers?

All electrical items should be disconnected and prepared for removal prior to collection. Please defrost and remove contents from fridges and freezers.


What can't we take? Customs Regulations (International Removals Only)

Your consignment must not contain any alcohol or tobacco as these will be confiscated by customs as they are unaccompanied by their owner.

In order to prevent carriage of such goods, as well as further illegal substances (drugs etc ) we are subject to inspections by the Guardia Civil at our Murcia depot whereby trained sniffer dogs are used to inspect consignments.

These measures are taken for your own protection and we ask you to be vigilant in making sure your consignment conforms to customs requirements.

We cannot take paint, fuel, flammable liquids or hazardous chemicals. Fuel from motorcycles and generators etc must be emptied prior to removal.


Can I take my plants?

You can take most plants to Spain, however, we cannot guarantee their safe transportation. So although we are happy to ship them, we take no responsibility for them.

You CANNOT take rhododendrons, anything belonging to the 'Acer' family (maples etc) and some Orchids


Do you take Pets?

We do not carry pets due to the regulations involved in the safe transportation of animals.

We can recommend companies to you who have all the relevant paperwork and assurances in place, all of which have been used by our customers and come highly recommended.

Easypet (Cats and Dogs)
ParAir (All Pets)
John Parker International (Horses\Ponies)
ALStrays - Re-homing and Transport


What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole Mainland UK and Mainland Spain with our own transport offering full, part and return load services.


How much notice do you require?

UK to UK or Spain to Spain household removals are usually booked between 7-14 days before the expected move takes place. For International removals ideally at least 14 days notice is required. Please always try to give as much notice as possible


What size are your vehicles?

We operate 2 sizes of vehicles. For Domestic removals we use Iveco Daily vans with similar sized trailers. For International removals we use a combination of Iveco Daily vans with similar sized trailers and Artic Lorries.

Please let us know if there is difficult access at either address as this will allow us to plan your move with smaller vehicles or make the necessary arrangements to tranship your goods.


Do I need to unpack my chest of drawers?

It is best to empty all contents from furniture to make the item easier to move and less prone to damage.


What should I do with my gas cylinders or flammable liquids?

Gas cylinders cannot be transported on our vehicles. Flammable liquids, however contained, must not be submitted for removal either. These items are not covered under our insurance, other arrangements must be made. Equipment such as garden mowers and chainsaws should be drained of all liquids beforehand.


Will you empty my loft?

Unless the loft has a fitted staircase, is boarded out and lit, our insurance does not cover our staff for this activity. Please ensure your loft is empty prior to our arrival.


Does my furniture get placed to my requirements?

It is always best if you have a clear idea of where you want your furniture to be placed. Our staff will endeavour to arrange the rooms to your liking but will not have the time to continually rearrange your room.


How long can I store for?

You can store your goods for as long or short a period as necessary. Storage is charged weekly and all customers receive an invoice/statement at regular intervals.


What items are not allowed to be stored?

Flammable items, gas bottles, plants, any opened foods such as oils, sauces etc.


How do I pay for my move?

Domestic (UK and Spain): We take a small deposit to book your removal and then payment by cleared funds is required prior to the removal date.

International: We take a small deposit to book your removal and then full payment by cleared funds is made on the delivery day or beforehand if storage is required.

Payment Methods: Cash, Bank Transfer - Debit\Credit Cards can be used only for payment of booking deposit (we do not accept cheques)


Are there areas you will move people from or to restricted?

In the UK we do not cover the Isle of Man, Scottish Isles.

We do cover Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland using our preferred agents.

In Spain, we do not cover the Balearics or Canary Islands. We also do not cover Gibraltar but we can collect from and deliver to the closet point in Spain - La Linea.


Are you registered with professional bodies and fully insured?

Advance Moves are an International associate member of the British Association of Removers (BAR), the leading professional body for removals companies. We are also members of the Road Haulage Association (RHA).We hold comprehensive liability insurance covering all the main activities of our company.


What are the quotes based on?

Our removal quotes are based on a number of factors including location, distance moving, complexity of move (which floor etc), size of the vehicle needed, number of crew and amount of time needed. Packing Services, boxes and packaging and storage solutions are additional and costed accordingly.


Do I need to organise parking?

If parking is difficult outside your property or is residents only, you will need to contact your local council and organise a parking suspension. Any parking fines incurred will be added to your final bill.


Do I need pay the congestion charge?

If you're based in central London and we need to enter the congestion zone, the cost this will be covered under your quotation and no additional charges will be made.


Will I have to pay VAT (IVA)?

Yes, VAT \ IVA is already included in our quotations.


How do I arrange a quote?

We can provide quotes either over the phone or via our Instant on-line quote calculator on the Yellow buttons above

Tel: UK - 0871 218 0612
Tel: International - +34 968654667

Alternatively you can submit details on the links below so we can calculate a more accurate volume and price for you:

General Enquiry
Volume Calculator


Do you ship motorcycles?

Yes, we are specialist shippers of Motorcycles with a great deal of experience (the owner is also a rider and Team Principle of the Supermotoland Race Team)

All quotes that include a Motorcycle include a professional crating service to ensure the Motorcycle is kept fully protected during transit.


Are my goods insured during transit?

For UK & Spain Domestic removals, we provide Total Loss cover which is limited Liability cover in the event that your whole consignment is lost\damaged due to a major incident, Full Details here. Additional All Risk Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items and this can be arranged via Advance Moves. Further details available upon request

For International Removals, we provide Total Loss cover which is limited Liability cover in the event that your whole consignment is lost\damaged due to a major incident, Full Details here. Additional All Risk Marine Insurance is available for additional cover for specific items and this can be arranged via Advance Moves. Further details available upon request


Can I purchase packaging materials from you if i wish to pack my own?

Yes you can. We have all packing materials from cartons, tape and wrapping paper through to more specialist packaging for valuable and cherished items. We have an online shop which you can order as much or as little as you wish. Furthermore, you don't even have to have a removal booked with us to take advantage of this service. Visit Our Shop


Box packing tips

Keep all boxes, particularly large boxes, at a comfortable carrying weight (25kgs). You should be able to lift and carry the box yourself without risk of injury.

If they are becoming heavy while you are packing them, try filling the rest of the box with light bulky items such as linen, towels, cushions or soft toys. Books are the worst offenders when it comes down to weight, use smaller boxes for these types of items.

Our moving boxes are always best when filled, so put larger heavier items at the bottom of the box and fill up with lighter items or bubble wrap. The fuller the box the greater the stacking strength.

If you have a large box and need to put heavy items, such as books, cds, dvds etc, a good tip is to half fill the box, then cut and fold down the sides of the box to make a smaller, more manageable weighted box.

Wrap breakable items individually with packing/tissue paper or bubblewrap. Use layers of newspaper to line the boxes or pillows and bedding to provide extra cushioning. It's cheaper and better for the environment.

Keep breakables away from the top, bottom and sides of your moving boxes. Pack these items loosely with plenty of cushioning.

Always make sure that you use packing tape to fasten the bottom and the top of all your boxes. Visit Our Shop


My things are in Storage and I have been given the Square Meters

Many storage depots will often provide you with Square feet or Square Metres of floor space that you have rented or are using to store your belongings. Unfortunately, this measurement is not suitable to determine the volume that you require to be shipped. Volume also needs to take into account the height of your belongings.

For simplicity sake, let's assume you have a 10 foot x 10 foot room with an 8 foot ceiling. The floor area is 10 multiplied by 10 to get 100 square feet. To get the volume multiply that by 8 and get 800 cubic feet.


How to Calculate My Volume?

What is volume?

Volume is the measurement of how much space a three dimensional object takes up.

Volume of a Box

If you know how to multiply you can find the volume of a cube or box.

Look at the box in this drawing: click here

You see that when dealing with a box, or three dimensional object, we have to consider three measurements: length, width, and height. The formula for finding the volume is length x width x height:
l x w x h

It doesn't matter what order you multiply these together. You will get the same answer regardless of the order.

Also, the terms length, width, and height are just words to help you remember the formula. It doesn't matter which side is which. You can call the sides anything you like as long as you get the measurement for each of the three dimensions.

Example Problem:

Here we see that:

Length = 12
Width = 4
Height = 3

Volume = length x width x height

Volume = 12 x 4 x 3 = 144


 What Our Customers Say ...
  • Removals Spain to UK, Highest Quality
    I would just like to put on record the brilliant job that Stuart. Norman and Joe did yesterday in collecting my effects . They arrived promptly worked very methodically were very sociable and polite. Cleaned up as they went and removed all their leftover bits. Their quality of work was of the highest standard. So far if these three are the quality of the rest of your staff I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to all of my friends and on social media!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Spain to UK Removals, A Great Job, a Great Team
    We would like to thank you and all the moving team for the packaging, storage and delivery it has been first class throughout, both the guys in Spain (Alan et al) and the delivery guys this end (I think another Alan and co) have been so good, friendly, helpful and very well organized, so thank you for making our move from Spain as painless as possible. A great job from a great team all round.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Mower

  • Removals from UK to Spain, Everything as Promised
    Very clear and concise , everything exactly as you promised, no damage or breakages, our items where obviously taken well care of, well pleased with the service which made our move less stressful

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    G. Roberts

  • International Removals Spain to UK, Organised & Professional
    From the moment I spoke to Sandra on the phone I had full confidence in your company. I had a lot of questions and Sandra was fantastic in answering all my queries. Everything was organised and professional. The three crew in the UK were wonderful... professional and calming! When my things were delivered, the three crew were also wonderful. They were so helpful. I will recommend your company to everyone!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Franklin

  • Removal UK to Spain, Very Professional
    Just a short message to say how pleased we are with the removal service your company has provided. The guys in both countries were very polite, courteous and very professional. I would have no hesitation on recommending Advance Moves to anyone else thinking of making Spain their new home.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Palfreeman

  • Removals to Spain from UK, How Professional
    Guys arrived this morning as agreed and well I just want you to know how professional they have been, really helpful and a real pleasure to have at home. Will have no problem in recommending your services

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    R. Wakeford

  • Removals UK to Spain, impeccable service
    Just a quick email to say thank you to you and your team for the impeccable service. Our goods arrived this morning, in time and in perfect condition. I can't fault your service and have been very impressed by your crew in Spain and the UK. Thank you for making moving abroad very easy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    E. Gibbons

  • Uk to Spain removals, definitely recommend
    I was happy with everything: The contact with the office was great, all my questions were answered with no delay, the quotation was totally accurate, the price was very competitive. The collection crew as well as the delivery crew were punctual, efficient and very pleasant. I will definitely recommend! Thank you! br />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Gudrich

  • House removals UK to Spain, Logistics worked like a dream
    Good communication and estimate Logistics worked like a />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    B. Raftery

  • Removal to Spain from UK, Frist Class Service
    The service has been first class throughout from the first phone call to the delivery . A huge thank you to Sandra who has been amazing dealing with our move which wasn't straight forward but she was always there to help us sort out all out problems she been a star big thank you again and to Al & the team who did the uk side of things what lovely guys they were such a happy team of workers very funny but professional and organised, as were the team in spain. I will definitely be recommending you to people here that require a removal company. First class service

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Wilcox

  • Removals Uk to Spain, Nothing too much trouble
    The staff were brilliant, not only office but collection and delivery. With all of them nothing was too much trouble and all were very friendly, courteous, and helpful.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    I. Jenkins

  • Removals from UK to Spain, Superb service
    Fast and efficient. All the guys were great. Superb service on both collection and delivery could not fault. Highly recommended and the price was excellent.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Ward

  • Furniture removals from UK to Spain, Nothing too much trouble
    Thoroughly professional, friendly and efficient.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Thompson

  • Removals Spain to England, Excellent communication throughout
    Excellent communication throughout. Pick up times / dates given well in advance with the driver calling on the day to confirm exact time of pick up / delivery. No breakages at all or damage ! br />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    I. Goodlad

  • SPAIN To UK Removal,Very Professional
    Great team today very professional hope we get the same men on Monday

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Clark

  • UK to Spain Removals Costs, Super Efficient, Courteous and a pleasure, to deal with
    We would just like to tell you how brilliant the crew were today. Super efficient, courteous and a pleasure dealing with. Havent finished unpacking yet ( 22.51pm)!! But everything so far us un perfect condition. Thanks so much to all at Advance Moves !!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Smith

  • Removal companies Spain to UK,Good Value for Money
    I cannot think of a downside to the service I received with your company. From the first telephone conversation (Thank you Sandra, your customer service skills are second to none), to the removal guys collecting my effects, who were friendly and hard working. They made sure anything I had wrapped was good enough for the journey and added extra if it was necessary. And finally the delivery team, who were organised and left parcels where I wanted them. The teams arrived on the dates stated and there was continued communication with the company all through the process. Good value for money too, always a bonus! Thank you all for your service..

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Beauchamp

  • Small Removals UK to Spain,First Class
    Office contact was first class from initial quote through to collection and delivery arrangements. I was kept well up to date by the various office personnel and the collection and delivery staff really were second to none. Would happily use again should it be necessary and thoroughly recommend your services to any person in need of a move in either direction.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Sands

  • Moving to spain from uk,Highly Recommend
    Let's start with Clare... Clare put up with a billion questions from me prior to us being able to finalise the quote and did everything she could to allay any / all concerns I might have had about the process, calculating volume / price and how we would managed the delivery to a technically difficult location (for us anyway) David kept us fully informed of ETAs for both collection and delivery and the handover to each crew both ends appeared seamless Alan, Al, Jonesy, Phil and Danny who did the collection were all a joy to deal with. They were friendly, professional, and immediately put us at our ease. Alan, Pedro, John and Terry who did the delivery were super-early and dealt with the lack of road closure, apparently we'd only been given a reserved space, which was full. Welcome to Spain :) , in their stride. Anything that had been dismantled on route had all fixings taped up and visible in the packing - even my sofa feet (which Turkish Al had clearly told me where / how he was packing them, and I'd promptly forgotten) appeared a couple of days ago. We've been delighted with your service and would highly recommend you to anyone doing an international move.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Wilde-Greer

  • Moving to Spain after Brexit,Very Happy
    Your crew on the ground were absolutely fantastic: communicating their expected arrival time well, fast, efficient and friendly. You provided an excellent service at a good price and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a removal company.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    U. Evans

  • How to move to Spain,Very Happy
    I was very happy with all the service I received. Sandra kept me informed of when my boxes were o be collected and then once they were collected, I was informed of possible delivery. Then on the day of delivery, the team came and delivered mŷ boxes, which were still in a very good condition. There was always good communication from all staff and polite

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    T. Clark

  • How to move to Spain from UK, very relaxed
    Your removal guys came they were very cool.. made me very relaxed and also they were very professional can not say how happy I was with them.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    E. Ruttley

    JUNE 2017

  • Moving furniture to Spain, very impressed
    I would like to say how very impressed we are with the packing and removal of our stuff today. As the result of a cancellation the team called and asked if they could come yesterday at 2pm. They packed. non-stop for three hours then returned this morning at 7am. By 9.45am everything was packed and loaded and they were on their way. Please tell them how Impressed we are.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    I. Hurdley

  • Information on moving to Spain, very professional
    You did what you said on the tin, everything to date and time and removal guys were very professional and helpful.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Hunt

  • Cheapest way to move furniture to Spain, Good Packaging
    We found the packaging of our goods to be particularly well done . We were very impressed with the guys who attended both in england and here.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Fahey

  • Removals Spain to UK, 10 out of 10
    Every aspect of our move to Spain was 10 out of 10, there was nothing you could have improved on at all. The guys turned up and weren't even phased by the amount of items we had, they got on with the job ie packing items we couldn't physically pack ourselves, re-taping items we had taped, re-boxing items etc. They were always friendly and professional and most of all, handled all the items with great care when packing and loading. Just one little item arrived in spain broken which was a small glass, so cant complain about that. We would definitely tell prospective movers about Advanced Moves. A job well done from great guys, Thank you so much

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Barlass

  • Spain to Uk removals, Highly Recommended
    Excellent service all round, from booking to packing and delivery. All the delivery men were very helpful and friendly as was Susana in the office who responded end to all my emails an queries immediately. Our items were packed do well, we didn't worry about anything being damaged in transit. Thank you so much, we can highly recommend advance moves to anyone.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Cullen

  • Removal to Spain, Happily Recommend
    Most impressed with the care and attention in packing our items and also in the help and friendliness from the team. Everything went very smoothly and I would happily recommend other people to use your services Thank you Jim stevens

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Stevens

  • International removals Spain to UK,Very Professional
    Very professional company, personable, excellent communication from Sandra and David. Efficient removal men, times quoted were accurate and phone calls to advise when on way. Care taken when wrapping and moving and delivering furniture by uniformed staff. We are happy to recommend!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    D. Bagshaw

  • Removal Uk to Spain, Went the extra mile
    Excellent service. Reliable ; you went the extra mile with very curteus staff at all stages of our move.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Removals to Spain from UK, Brilliant
    Brilliant at keeping us up to date with progress and delivered safely and on time

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    C. Ellis

  • Removals UK to Spain, Quick and efficient
    The collection was extremely quick and efficient. The movers were really helpful and nice. I was explained all about the process. It was again excellent in delivery. Quick and tidy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Branas

  • Uk to Spain Removals, Helpful and Friendly
    Helpful and friendly staff both on the phone and in person.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Sandford

  • House removals Uk to Spain, Most Impressed
    Your company performed very well in the service they carried out. I was most impressed with your service. Having been married to serviceman for 39 years I spent lots of time moving around the world and I would recommend your services to everyone I know who are thinking of moving.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Aldridge

  • Furniture removals Uk to Spain, So Professional
    Just to say a huge thank you the guys have been amazing such lovely guys and so professional it's been a pleasure so a big thank you again for all the work you've done for us xxx Thanks again.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Wilcox

  • Removal to Spain from UK, Really, Really Impressed
    I just wanted to thank you once again for your support. Everything arrived OK and I was really, really impressed by the care taken in packing everything. Thanks again.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. McGregor-Paterson

  • Spanish Removals
    Collection and delivery teams were polite cheerful and very efficient. Admin/office staff were polite and knowledgeable. Overall a very painless and efficient operation.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Uk to Spain removals costs
    Communication between ourselves, Susanna and David were excellent. Times for both collection and delivery were spot on.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Removals companies to Spain
    Prompt arrival on collection and delivery days for small removals uk to Spain.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Moving to Spain after Brexit, with Good Customer Service
    Kind people in both collection and delivery. Good customer service provided by Susana.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    JJ.Dominguez Corrals

  • How to move to Spain
    Where do. Start? Excellent quality of staff who were most helpful and very good humoured in both collection and delivery. We've already recommended you to someone who is hoping to move from UK to Spain in 2017.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • How to move to Spain from UK
    Collection and delivery, very straight forward. A good service from Start to finish.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    H. Evans

  • Moving furniture to Spain
    Exactly "what it said on the tin" from first contact to final delivery

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    B. Curry

  • Information on moving to Spain
    Answered all my questions and were very friendly when I called. The pick up drivers were very helpful and arrived at the time they said they would. Delivery drivers were prompt and again very helpful. Happy with all aspects of our move

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Bridge

  • Cheapest way to move furniture to Spain

    Customer relations, courteous, respectful service both in Spain and England,made things easy for me. I would definitely recommend to others.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Mutch

  • Moving to Spain from UK
    Fast efficient and very good service and good value for money.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Staplehurst

  • Removals Spain to England, –Excellent Service
    Sandra was outstanding in communicating the various aspects of our move from collection, storage there and final delivery to England. This, coupled with her friendly manner and good humour, must make her a great asset to your company. Likewise, David was always very punctual on the two or three occasions he visited our house and explained everything clearly. An excellent service in all respects.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Removals Spain to UK, –Would not hesitate to recommend
    All aspects of your service are excellent from my initial contact with you to taking delivery of my belongings exactly when I was told they would arrive. I would like to mention both Sandra Hebblethwaite and David Davies who were both extremely helpful and made our move absolutely painless. Many thanks to all involved & I would not hesitate to recommend Advancemoves to anyone..

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Pierrepont

  • Spain to UK Removals, – Sympathetic and Flexible
    Our enquires were always attended to in a friendly and very informative manner. Our own circumstances once we arrived back in the UK with regard to delivary address and other possible house moves were very uncertain. Advance Moves were sympathetic to our situation and there extremely flexible attitude re: delivary dates etc, was most helpful. All our possessions arrived on the date and time specified and all in good condition in good condition. Very pleased with the whole experience of our removals through Advance Moves.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    G. Wilson

  • Spanish removals –Professional packing
    telephone contact with the office was excellent professional way vehicle and trailer was packed.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    D. Gargan

  • Removals from UK to Spain –Very hard to find fault
    You are a first class organisation, very hard to find fault with anything you do.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Cooke

  • Removal to Spain –Everything happend as discussed
    Communication and everything happening as discussed, very good service for our move.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Sassoon

  • International removals Spain to UK –Professional Packing
    Just to let you know your van turned up this morning and I have to praise the efficiency and politeness of the two man crew - thank you.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    K. Meade

  • Removal UK to Spain, –Professional Packing
    Friendly & helpful staff, particularly the professional way they collected our belongings. We'd wrapped a few artworks and large photos in bubble wrap but they still put an extra wrapping of cardboard round them. Similarly with my large hifi speakers - I'd protected the fronts with plywood, but they still put 2 more boxes round each one.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    P. Spencer

  • Removals to Spain from UK
    friendly staff, stress free process

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Halmee

  • Removals Uk to Spain, – Recommended
    The removal men were very professional in everything they did. The office staff were similarly professional - keeping us up to date with the progress of our removal. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company to others.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Spain to UK Removal – 100 Percent
    All aspects 100 percent

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Hamilton

  • Uk to Spain Removals – On-Time Delivery
    Friendly, helpful and well informed staff in the Bullas office. Efficient packing and collecting of goods. On time delivery and quick, safe offloading of everything.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    D. Dunn

  • House removals Uk to Spain, – Easy and Stress Free
    Moving from one country to another is stressful, with Advance Moves everything was quite easy.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Ibanez Costa

  • Furniture removals Uk to Spain, –Such a Professional Service
    We would just like to thank your company for providing such a professional service. Your staff are a credit to you.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Yates

  • Removal to Spain from UK –Best Price found
    The communication was always very good, and on top of that the price was the most reasonable of all the companies we checked!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Alexander

  • Uk to Spain removals costs, –Friendly and relaxed, service used twice
    I like your friendly relaxed approach. We have used your company twice now and both times you have picked up and delivered on time , without any hitches .

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    T. Weed

  • Removal companies to Spain, –They obviously knew what they were doing
    I needed to change the date and that was no problem. I liked the email the day before the move giving me an hour time slot for the guys to arrive. The phone call on the morning of the move to give me the arrival time was very re-assuring. The guys were very professional, careful with our furniture and quick - they obviously knew what they were doing.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    T. Edge

  • Small removals Uk to Spain –Excellent Service all around!
    Very friendly staff Susana very good at explaining every detail and helping me with the internet Exellent service all round!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Cox

  • Moving to Spain after Brexit. –great customer service< u>
    Great customer service and reliability from start to finish

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    R. Rawal

  • How to move to Spain –Absolutely Outstanding Service
    The service was absolutely outstanding. The communication was fantastic, and Susana the person managing my job was super professional and so easy to talk with. Quotation was super fast and came out much cheaper than other recommended agencies. The collection and delivery was really punctual and super organised.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Cuadrado Crespo

  • How to move to Spain from UK – Professional Throughout
    Very professinal throughout

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Baker

  • Moving furniture to Spain. –Excelled in all areas
    I feel that advanced moves excelled in all areas. The company repacked some of my boxes and more fragile items. There was no damage to anything. They went the extra mile to transport my belongings at short notice from the UK to Spain and then get my belongings to me in my new home before Christmas. Excellent. Very helpful and offered good advice. Would highly recommend.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    K. Steel

  • Information on moving to Spain. –Great Communication
    Very good process from start to finish and the customer services were very good and helpful. Great communication throughout. Polite staff.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Watson

  • Cheapest way to move furniture to Spain. – Stress Free
    From the outset I needed an idea of cost and, as I added more boxes /items I was constantly ringing and asking for updates. It helped enormously that I was given continuous emails and telephone calls with updates and advice. Altogether it made the nightmare of moving countries less stressful. I am still unpacking and to date all my goods have arrived perfectly in tact.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Callaghan

  • Moving to Spain from UK. – On time and professional
    Collection staff on time and very professional. Delivery staff same. Office staff very helpful and polite, all my dealing were with Sandra and she was very good.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    F. Murphy

  • Removals Spain to England. – Efficient and professional
    Very efficient and professional throughout the whole process. Team that packed our items were so thorough when we received our delivery last week nothing had been damaged.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Clinch

  • Removals Spain. – Good Value for Money
    Right across the board, I found your company very easy to deal with, prompt, efficient, courteous and extremely good value for money. Thank you!br />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Page

  • Movers to Spain. – All Went to Plan
    Good service from Sandra initially. Collection and delivery worked exactly as stated. We were very pleased that it all went to plan.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Mackmurdie

  • Movers to Spain.
    All areas good. Good communication, polite and courteous on phone and with the crew members. Goods covered and packed well and arrived undamaged Efficient, effective, professional, well organised service and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone. Thank you so much for the good service

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Stock

  • Removals from Spain to England.
    David was most accommodating, coping with changing dates

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    Jeff, Surrey

  • Moving company UK to Spain
    Sincerely everything was good. From the Spanish contact by phone followed by the English contact by email till the reception of my goods. All the process was done very efficiently. Thank you very much to all staff involved in moving my goods.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    H. Meliani

  • Removals Spain. - Really Good communication
    Really good communication with the company that really quick resolved and answered all my doubts and questions.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    Sabrina Maria A

  • International removals Uk to Spain. - Very polite and helpful
    Very polite and helpful both sides and all your staff

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Holdaway A

  • Movers to Spain. - very efficient
    Collection and delivery personnel were very efficient, ensured our possessions were wrapped and stored safely both on the collection van and on delivery to our apartment. We found them very helpful and courteous. Be proud of them!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Removals from Spain to England. - firendly professional service.
    Friendly professional service. Careful packaging of goods for removal. Overall a great and efficient service. No hesitation in recommending their services to others.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    I. Morrison

  • Moving company Uk to Spain. - Excellent and efficient collection and delivery teams
    Brilliant communications, really impressed with Susana and David and they were with me every step of the way. Excellent and efficient collection and delivery teams, very helpful on the day too - we only found the storage depot because we spotted the Advance Moves van turning into a road heading for the storage depot - was before dawn on Friday morning, so dark and dingy, but we all got there!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Parker

  • Good Value Uk Spain removals.
    The service was excellent from beginning to end, and far cheaper than any other removals company I requested quotes from. My possessions were handled carefully and respectfully - all arriving in perfect condition - by very polite and helpful removals men. br />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    K. Wearing

  • Spain removals. - Friendly and Regular Communcation
    Communication - regular and friendly.....Susanna was happy to answer endless stupid questions, which filled me with confidence! Also, as far as arrangements were concerned, regular emails advising of times etc and calls from the team, when they were close by. Made everything uncomplicated!! br />
    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Luscombe-Whyte

  • Removal companies to Spain. - Extremely Professional
    I would like to confirm that I received all the goods in London, all in perfect conditions. I would like to mention how happy I am with the service, your work liasing with me during the process and the extremely professional Team that delivered at Advances Moves.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    P. Viveiros

  • Shipping to Spain from UK. - used you before a couple of times.
    Recommended by friends who had used your services a couple of times and you delivered for us the excellent service you gave to them. On arrival all items delivered quickly and in good condition nothing damaged. We will use you again. Another set of friends used another company and that service though cheaper wasn't anywhere as proficient as yours. Thanks

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    K. Findlow

  • Moving from UK to Spain. - Brilliant and helpful.
    Excellent communication, staff collecting were brilliant and very helpful. Staff delivering just as professional and all staff very polite and respectful. I can highly recommend this service .

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Pyke

  • Competitive International Removals to Spain
    I was often in contact with Sandra Hebblethwaite in your main office. I found my emails were answered quickly and they were easy to understand. Phone calls were answered quickly and any queries were dealt with straight away. Both the pick up crew in the UK, and the delivery crew in Spain were very professional and helpful. We had no items broken (of those so far unpacked!) and the standard of your 'export packaging' was excellent. The quotation given was very competitive and you stuck to the price stated.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Kyte

  • Removal costs to Spain. - so competative, best quote.
    On the basis we had no information on the company and looked on the Internet and looked at reviews, we were delighted with the service we received. From initial quote to final delivery we could not have asked for anything better. We only had a small amount to bring back to the UK but none the less the service was superb

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Rodrigues

  • Removals London to Spain. - great staff and delivery crew
    Great packers. And then great delivery guys. All very friendly and professional

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Harrison

  • Removals Spain to France. - collection and delivery was just so easy
    Collection process was very good, everything packed for you, also delivery went smoothly. Both collection and delivery teams were very professional and friendly.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    L. Kitchen

  • Small removals to Spain. - Excellent Job by all concerned, will use you again and again.
    The fact that they call me personally to discuss all my request. The first contact with Susana make me felt that somebody care about my necessities. The collection and delivery team members were very professional and friendly. Juanpi introduced himself and call me by my name, it just feel right and professional.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Martinez Terol

  • Moving to Spain for 3 months. - The staff took great care with everything.
    The staff were very efficient and friendly ,they took great care with everything ,as my sons motorcycle was being transported they took time to make it safe ,I would recommend your services as excellent ,thank you very much, that includes the office staff ,with regards Mo Blackmore . Frome Somerset

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Blackmore

  • British Citizen moving to Spain. - really impressed with the great levels of customer service.
    We were really pleased with your great customer service and the care your team took with our belongings. The collection and delivery was great and so happy with your storage rates too!

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    A. Hill

  • I asked, What do i need to move to Spain from USA?
    Very friendly, efficient, easy to use, quick and professional service, excellent value too.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    Y. Pearce

  • Information on moving to Spain. - very good advice and help on all aspects of moving.
    I was very happy with the service provided. Communication with your Spanish office was excellent. I was also very pleased with the performance of the removal staff. I was very Happy with the service overall.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    G. Wilson

  • What to take when Moving to Spain? - A moving to Spain guide.
    We are very happy with all areas and I would like the opportunity to thank Susanna Ford who I contacted several times and always was very nice and helpful. We keep all your address and contact information safe in case we will need you in the future. Thank you very much for your professionality and kindness.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Paituvi

  • Cheapest way to move furniture to Spain. - No hassle removal, everyone was great.
    The guys were very friendly, professional and efficient. No hassle at all. An excellent job.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    K. Jones

  • Removals from London to Spain. - amazing service, thank you so much to all members of your team.
    Hi Clare, Could I just take this opportunity to thank you and the team for an amazing job . From the collection to the delivery of our furniture it was brilliant ! Everything arrived in perfect condition and for that we are really grateful . We would and have definitely recommended you and Advance Moves to others and will continue to do. Thank you once again for making a very stressful experience not stressful at all and for taking such care of our personal possessions.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    B. Nicholas

  • Removal costs to Spain. - we will recommend you to our friends, great price and service.
    Just an email to compliment you on your removal delivery and the curteous staff both at Villagrande and Haroldston Hall they were all most helpful and the standard of packing was superb. We will move you when we move back!! we will certainly recommend you to our friends.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    B. Stewart Thomas

  • International Removals to Spain
    Hi Clare, I have had my furniture collection today and I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that not only were the team on time as scheduled but they were also a really good set of lads. I was very impressed by their professional packing and they were all very polite and respectful, I know people are always quick to complain but I felt that praise was in order.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    S. Pyke

  • Value for Money moving service to Spain
    Very precise timings for collection and delivery and good value for money

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    R.A. Clinton

  • Superb Movers to Spain
    Communication was excellent and collection team where superb

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    B. Tyson

  • First Class Removal to Spain
    The whole process from the first enquiry to delivery of our goods was totally first class! I would have no problem totally recommending Advancemove to anyone.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    P. Edwards

  • Removals Spain to France. - thanks for everything.
    The guys who collected our items and packed up what we hadn't done already were a fantastic team, great guys, nice, professional attitude, nothing too much trouble and appreciated the bacon sandwiches all round! Highly commendable, friendly and any other complimentary superlatives you can think of! Many thanks to them all.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    M. Karpeta

  • Moving to Spain after Brexit. - Can i still move to Spain after Brexit?
    Communication and updating of information was very good. The items, some of which were crystal glasses arrived in perfect condition.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    JE. Gramger

  • How to Move to Spain.
    Very satisfied with all aspects of the move

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J. Hickin

  • How to move to Spain from UK.
    From start to finish it was a smooth service, from the enquiry email to Susana through to the delivery of our belongings, which were on time and in good order. Susana was always very quick to reply to emails and always answered every question clearly and promptly. The payment process was very easy as well with different options of how to pay. Every level of the removal was faultless, and it make a possibly stressful time absolutely stress-free. Overall it was a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    N. Barrett

  • Moving to Spain after Brexit 2019?
    The speed and courtesy of the crew regarding packing and care taken with property. Also time of arrival was as advised by crew on day of collection. The crew were very polite, presentable. friendly and offered advice if asked. They did their job very quickly and very efficiently. I would certainly use myself and recommend your company to my friends. Also I must mention the courtesy, friendliness and assistance given by the office staff. This was beyond reproach.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    P. Tuvey

  • Moving furniture to Spain
    Communication, friendly pick up and drop off crews, speed of service.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    D. Webb

  • Professional House Removals Spain
    Very professional and pleasant staff

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Moving to Spain for 3 months. - friendly and efficient service from all concerned.
    Friendly efficient service, easy to communicate with given that our second sofa was late being delivered to us by the manufacturers. The removal men were extremely capable and all our worldly belongings arrived safely without a scratch on them.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • Personal Moving Services to Spain
    Personal attention at all levels. Would like to express my thanks to all those who took great care with personal possessions and who were very professional at all times.

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%
    J.Mitchell Smith

  • Moving to Spain guide, - thanks for all the info, great website.
    Had no problems collection people were great also deliver. No Breakages all packed well. Would definitely recommend

    Overall Satisfaction: 100%

  • The testimonials shown are the latest online survey results taken from our clients after we have completed their removals. We let the Testimonials speak for themselves on the high levels of service that we provide to our clients day in, day out, and that is why many of our clients continue to use our removal services time and time again. No other removal company can beat us on quality of service and price, we are the UK Spain removal specialists, so for a quote for a removal to Spain or for a removal from Spain to the UK just click on the relevant yellow button and start your Removals experience with Advance Moves - Removals to Spain.

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