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Furniture To Spain - Should You Store Your Furniture In The UK Or Spain?

Furniture to Spain: a wholesale transportation of your belongings might not be what you want to happen immediately Ė you may choose to store them for a while first. But if this is the option you choose, perhaps because your Spanish home isnít quite ready, should you store them in the UK or in Spain?

There are pros and cons to each when it comes to moving furniture to Spain or keeping it in the UK. The advantages of storing your furniture and possessions in Spain is that it will be close by, and you can check on it and access it if you need to. Being able to go to the store and make sure that everything is all right can soothe any worries. However, storing your possessions in the UK makes the initial part of the move much cheaper. Removals to Spain cost more than removals to other parts of the UK, so you could save money as you begin to set up a new life abroad by just taking the bare essentials with you. Storing your goods in the UK is also useful if you are not sure that you intend to stay in Spain permanently. For some people, trialling a life in Spain is their ideal situation, and so they choose a small rented apartment or house in order to see if they will enjoy living in the country. If not, they can come back to the UK and unload their items into a new house in England. If they do like it in Spain, itís a simple matter to then arrange for the remainder of their furniture to be brought over.

Moving furniture to Spain and storage are services that Advance Moves ( excel in. In fact, we do it so well that we know you will be impressed with the service and prices we offer. Contact us on 0871 218 0612 or email for a quote or more information.


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