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How to Move to America in 2022

If you are Moving to America in 2022 or are just planning a Move to America in 2022 or beyond then advance moves can help you save time and money on Removal costs to the USA

We are often asked How to move to America by our expat clients who are relocating to the USA as it's a great place to work or start a new life.

Moving to America can present quite a challenge and that is why advance moves have put together all the information they could find on how to move to America from the UK into this page. No other removal company provides its clients with such a guide on how to move to America. We like to help where we can and that is why we have dedicated pages like this one on how to move to America from the UK.

Our 2nd part of our guide below gives a lot of information on all aspects of How to move to America from UK and if your relocating from elsewhere in the world or Europe then it's a general guide for a Move to America / Move to USA.

So, How to move to USA from UK? Easy, just have a scroll through the information below and on our other How to move to USA pages and you will find a wealth of information to guide you on what needs doing to move to America from UK.

You can also use the quick quote buttons at the top of the page to obtain an instant online quotation for your move to USA from UK, should you wish to start budgeting for your relocation.

We have info on a variety of factors - How to move to America from UK permanently or just for a work contract, How to move to New York, a move to California and the easiest way to move to America from UK?

How to move to America after Corona Virus

The situation with regard to the corona virus lockdown means there maybe some restrictions, delays and new procedures to adhere to when moving to America. Essentially not much has changed as restrictions are gradually lifted as the virus subsides. You can keep up to date with any developments with regard to travel to America by visiting the UK government page on corona virus travel restrictions to the USA. However if you are moving to the USA after corona virus you may find a few delays but you can continue with your moving to America process as before.

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How to move from UK to USA in 2022

All this information should help you decide and if we can then assist you with obtaining a quick quote for your relocation then we believe we may of helped yet another person with their worldwide removal requirements. 

How to move to America from the UK

Before you move to USA from UK, we advise that you search the  internet to find out as much as you can about a move to America, and also search expat sites on how to move to America. There are many sites that will give you an  idea of what jobs opportunities are out there and in which areas of America these are most prevalent. Create a shortlist of places where you might want to live, and research the areas, you can then apply for any jobs that require your skill set. You should learn about what is involved in the visa application process and how long each stage takes. A diary is a good way to keep track of  when you should proceed with each step of the moving process, including when you should hand in your notice at your current job, when you should go to the USA in order to take part in job interviews, and when you should put any property you have up for sale.

How to move to America in 2022

You need to be sure that you are want to move to America from the UK  for the right reasons. Don't rely on what you have heard about the USA from the media or other people. You should plan a fact-finding mission to America during which you learn key information about what life in the USA would be like for you, maybe a long trip to see if a move to America would really suit you, a holiday is always different to day to day living. You need to find out if the  salaries, real estate and quality of life will suit you and your expectations. America is a huge country, with life styles and surroundings varying greatly depending on your specific location, in many ways each state can be like an individual country. You may want to visit a few different states to see which one suits you best. It is during preliminary trips such as these that you can attend job interviews to hopefully secure the job that will facilitate your application for a US visa.

How to obtain a visa when moving to America

One of the biggest hurdles when, and something you need to know before when learning how to move from UK to USA , is obtaining the requisite US visa, or Green Card. This can take  several months, so you need to get this underway long before your planned move to America to complete the application process. This process starts with a visa petition to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once approved, the National Visa Center takes over and provides instructions for the formal visa application and interviews. You will likely be able to obtain a Green Card through family or through your job (although other ways also exist). If you already have a family member who is a US citizen, they can apply to have you join them; or you can apply for immigrant status if you have an offer of permanent employment in the US.

Your move to America

Once you have obtained your visa, you need to plan your move to the USA. As soon as you arrive you will need somewhere to stay, hotels are quite cheap in the USA or quite often you can find a holiday rental that you can use as your immediate base. This will give you the time to do a thorough search for permanent accommodation without rushing into something  and also checking that the neighborhoods and what each one has to offer. You will find your local Realtor agent will know a vast amount of information about each neighborhood and what those areas have they benefit you, so try and find someone local to the area, rather than just internet searching.

Moving to America after Brexit

Moving to America after Brexit is currently no different to the process of moving to America before Brexit. The same criteria and processes apply in terms of travel and documentation required. For full information on how to move to America after Brexit, it's best to visit the British government information page on moving to the USA, where full up to date details are given on all aspects of living and moving to America. Further information can also be found on the Advance moves moving to America information page which gives full details on most aspects of moving and living in the USA.

Before you move to America

You need to make sure all of loose ends to tie up at. This includes paying bills, stopping utility services, redirecting post, and letting people know you are moving. You should take time to  make sure you have to hand all the documentation you will need in the USA. Order official copies of any certificates you are missing, as they are easier to obtain whilst you are still in the UK. Documents you will probably need include your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, and medical records, you can get them officially stamped in the UK by the office that issues them, so that they are valid in any country.

The easiest way to move from UK to USA

With your possessions is to find a company that offers container transportation and sea freight to get them to the USA.  we can offer a range of quotations to suit your needs, whether you require a full container service, or groupage container for a smaller load.  Each of our associate removal companies will assist with documentation, customs clearance and storage if required.

Social security number when moving to America

Once you move to the USA you need to  apply for a social security number, although you can  apply for one at the same time as you apply for your visa. You need a social security number in order for the  government to see how much money you earn in the USA to determine if you are eligible for retirement benefits. You can visit your local Social Security Admin office to apply, and should bring with you proof that you have a visa that allows to work in the USA.

How to set up a bank account when you move to America

One of the most important things to do on the list of how to move from the UK to USA, is setting up an American bank account to allow you to easily pay bills and to receive your salary. You will need to set up a checking account (like a current account) with a debit card so you can pay for things without always having to carry around cash. To set up an account you typically need to present proof of address, your passport, immigration documents and your social security number. You will probably want to transfer funds from your old bank account into your American one. Make sure you are smart about how you do this by shopping around to see where you can get the best money transfer deal and by keeping an eye on exchange rates. You should try to make the transfer when the rates are strongest in your favour. quite often an internet firm, that specialises in currency exchange is the best way to undertake this.

How to buy and rent when you move to America

Whether you plan to rent long-term or buy your own property, you should look into finding permanent accommodation as soon as possible so you aren’t paying high short-term rental or hotel costs for too long. If you plan on renting in the US, be aware that most  landlords will want you to fill out a rental application form. This is so that they know whether or not you have money coming in and can cover the rent, this is typical practice in the USA so do not be alarmed.  Take note that typically there are extra costs involved in renting, as one month’s rent is typically asked as a deposit, on top of a damage deposit, and rental fee if there is a lot of demand for rentals in your area. Many properties are unfurnished, so if you do not ship your furniture, you will also need to buy new items.  If looking to buy a property, you will notice that the realtor you choose is a lot more hands-on that you may be used to at home. they are a great source of local knowledge and should be able to assist finding the right neighborhood for you. The realtor’s commission is paid by the seller of the property, not the purchaser.

Healthcare when moving to the USA

As healthcare in the USA is provided by private clinics and hospitals, and they have no national health system like the UK and  you will need health insurance to cover any costs incurred through injury or illness. Employers often contribute towards health insurance, and have firms that they will recommend that will offer you a discount. Find out from your employer whether you are covered by them, and if not ask them if they can recommend a good company. You may be asked by your employer to make a contribution yourself. It is advised that you get comprehensive medical insurance rather than a budget option, as the latter may not cover certain medical tests.

Moving house to the USA

Once you have moved into your new house or apartment, you should shop around for the best deal for various utilities, such as phone, internet, electricity and gas. there is a large amount of competition in the USA so you can offer get some good deals. You could ask other people living in your building or street which supplier they use and turn this into an opportunity to get to know them and pick their brain about other things.

American law when moving to America

There may be a number of laws in America that you are not automatically aware of as they differ from UK laws. These include the regulation in some areas that says residents must clean away snow from the pavement outside their home, and the fact that gambling is illegal in many areas. Laws and regulations vary by state so make sure you are aware of what is and isn’t allowed in your local area.

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