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Removals to Italy in 2023

We try to keep this page as up to date as possible to provide accurate information and advice on moving to Italy in 2023 after Brexit. The page below gives detailed information on all aspects of Living in Italy in 2023 and how to undertake a removal to Italy in 2023 after Brexit. If you want an instant online quote for a removal to Italy in 2023 then use the yellow buttons at the top of the page to get an instant quick quote, and then you will also receive up to 5 or 6 more accurate quotes from professional removal companies all looking to help you with your move to Italy in 2023.

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Advance Moves can save you time and money when it comes to Removals to Italy after Brexit. We can give you an instant online quick quote for your removal to Italy or anywhere in the world, which is then backed up by up to 5 free quotes from moving companies specially selected from our list of agents and partners to cover your area and requirements. You then have the choice of selecting the mover and quotation that is best for you, saving both time and money in obtaining a competitive removals quotation.

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Living in Italy in 2023

Italy is a great place to live and Living in Italy in 2023 after Brexit is still easily achievable by using advance moves to help plan your move. The section below gives details about Living in Italy in 2023, and then use the advance moves quick quote system to start planning your removal to Italy in 2023.

Removals to Italy after Brexit

If you are planning on Moving to Italy after Brexit, or Moving to Rome, and especially if you are moving to Italy from UK, then you have come to the right place. Advance Moves and our agents throughout Europe and the World offer a complete, reliable and cost effective removals service for your move to Italy.

Moving to Italy with Advance Moves

Our worldwide agents provide excellent services for clients from overseas who have household effects that they are shipping to Italy or even if you are shipping to Italy from UK. We can also arrange a return load service for shipping from Italy to the UK on a weekly basis as our vehicles are constantly on the move throughout Europe.

Van hire removals to Italy

Advance Moves and our Agents cover a variety of services including one way van hire to Italy, although this service is usually less economical than a complete professional removals service for a move to Italy from UK. We can give you a variety of quotes and methods so you can select what works best for you.

Moving to Italy after Brexit

As far as moving to Italy after Brexit is concerned, nothing will change until the transition period has expired which is currently scheduled to end on 31st December 2020. Until that date you can still live and move to Italy. However it is essential to gain Italian residency within this time frame to be able to stay in Italy once the transition period expires. If you are looking to move to Italy after Brexit then do it before the transition period expires. Use the yellow quick quote buttons at the top of the page to obtain an instant online quote to budget for your move to Italy and get yourself moved whilst the process of moving to Italy after Brexit is relatively simple. For further information and updates on the Brexit withdrawal agreement, visit the British government information page on moving to Italy after Brexit. You may also want to visit The Italian Governments guidance for obtaining resident status for further information in Italian.

How to Move to Italy after Brexit

How to move to Italy from UK?.......easy just have a read of the information below on all aspects of moving and living in Italy and then click on the quick quote button at the top of the page to obtain an instant online quotation for your removal to Italy and start to budget for your move to Italy today.

We hope you find the information below of interest and that you enjoy our quick quote experience, and if we can be of further assistance then please do not hesitate to get in touch.....we are here to help with your relocation requirements.

Moving to Italy

So thinking of moving to Italy?  — why not?

The well known Italian phrase ‘La Dolce Vita’ literally translates as ‘the sweet life’, and it is the temptation of a blissful life in almost perpetual sunshine in a land rich with culture, history, glamour, glorious gastronomy and vitality that prompts many Brits to consider moving to Italy from the UK.

Living in Italy after Brexit

Italian life offers expats a culturally rich life in a country that has a fascinating history. Once home to Ancient Romans and groundbreaking artists, modern Italy boasts beautifully lush vineyards, world class restaurants, a thriving economy and, of course, Vatican City. It also possesses an air of romance which, when complimented by a rich and lively culture, makes it a popular destination for expats from around the world. Each city in this European country tells a different story, from the Roman Empire in Rome through to the art renaissance of cities of Florence and Venice. The country is littered with various churches, monuments, museums and famous works of art and is a fascinating place to live and work.

Living in Italy

Italian people are famous for their close family ties, which form the basis of the social system. Children growing up here are cared for by everyone, so it is a great place to relocate if you have a young family. They are also well known for their love of food. Italian cuisine is famed in almost every city throughout the world. Regardless of where you are, you will find pizza and pasta on most menus. Other popular Italian exports include cheese, wine and cured meats. Coffee is an important part of Italian culture and the coffee shops that are springing up in their droves across the world are a direct result of coffee houses in Italy.

There are currently an estimated 60 million people living in Italy the majority of whom are Roman Catholic (90%).

Working in Italy after Brexit

Italy is extremely developed and is one of the founding members of the European Union. Expats from all over Europe settle here and account for almost 6 per cent of the population. It is very easy to live and work here if you are from a country within the EU. However, citizens from non-EU countries are required to apply for visas and work permits – the easiest way to enter the country on business is to be offered work.

If you are moving to Italy to develop an existing business or setting up a new one, it is important to remember that business is conducted socially and many job offers are granted through personal relationships; it really is about who you know. The Italians are a welcoming nation and therefore foreigners who are intent on living here will not find it hard to strike up friendships.

Expat living in Italy

Expats moving to Italy from UK,  experience a very high quality of life. Life here is relaxed and enjoyable and the vivacious nature of the Italian people means that it is always interesting.

There is a large expat community in existence in Italy, especially in the major cities such as Rome and Milan. Many westerners choose to retire to the rural areas where they can live out their years in the relaxed and beautiful Italian countryside.

Italy is a member of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. However, despite this, it is widely accepted that the cost of living in Italy is higher than many other countries in the EU. Expatriates will find that their living costs will vary according to the area of Italy within which they live. The standard of living in generally much higher in the cities in the north of the country when compared with those in the south.

Expatriates who are considering moving to  Italy from the UK  also need to be aware of the income tax and social security requirements, which are also quite high when compared with other countries in the EU.

Employment in Italy after Brexit

Italy has a fairly high unemployment rate, especially in the south of the country, which is quite poor. Unemployment is especially high amongst the youth with an estimated 30% of Italians under the age of 25 being without work. At present many companies have bans on recruitment and have a tendency to issue short-term contracts as opposed to full long-term versions. This is the same as its neighbor Spain, and seems to be now a trend in the Mediterranean countries.

Before moving to Italy would be advised to find a job if you are going to be requiring employment. Work opportunities are extremely short on the ground.  A good working knowledge of the Italian language will be an essential in most cases. Because Italy is a part of the European Union, British expats are free to live and work there without requiring any special visas — of course  who knows how moving to Italy after Brexit, will change. For now though, UK expats who are moving to Italy from UK are able to stay and work without a permit for the first three months. After this time it is necessary to apply for a residence permit and provide a legitimate reason for their continued stay in the country. Permits are granted for different periods of time up to two years, after which they will need to be renewed if you wish to continue living the sweet life in wonderful Italy.

For those looking to make a living in Italy, many will find their careers taking them to the Italian cities. Others choose to make the most of Italy’s popularity with tourists and buy properties in tourist hotspots. After all, a good rental income means you can pick and choose the work you do.

Moving house in Italy

Many house hunters from the UK choose to live in Italy, above anywhere else, because they want to avoid expat communities and immerse themselves in a typical Italian lifestyle, integrating with the Italian community

In Italy, nearly 70% of people own the homes in which they live, a statistic that's maintained by a culture of passing property down and giving it away to family. Astronomical rent prices make buying more attractive, as the investment is quickly paid off and the potential to use it as an income property is high.

Italy offers a range of property types depending on the region. If you’re moving to the country, there are plenty of detached houses and villas available. In Rome or Milan, you’ll be lucky to get your hands on a small apartment.

While your decision should ultimately be based on your needs, what type of property you want to live in should be based on where you want to live. You may consider one way van hire to Italy as an option to bring over your personal effects from the UK. Italians have very differing choice in furniture, and their style might not suit your needs.  If you would like a quotation for Van Hire UK to Italy, then click through to our online estimate form.

Moving to Italy for the weather

Like for most other things, the climate in Italy varies dramatically from north to south.

In the heart of the mountainous northern regions the weather has seasonal extremes, with winters being snowy and cold with temperatures dropping below freezing, and summers being hot and particularly humid — often with thunderstorms.

Coastal areas benefit from a typically warm Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers. Refreshing sea breezes in these areas serve to offer some respite from the sizzling summer temperatures.

The south of the country — including Sardinia and Sicily — can achieve scorching temperatures frequently 32° C or higher in summer, with long periods of continuous sunshine.

The south of Italy has the least rain and the most hours of sunshine of any other part of the country.

Moving to Northern Italy after Brexit

The north of Italy features spectacular mountain scenery and the glittering lakes of Como and Garda where the jet set come to experience the luxurious surroundings.

Nestling at the base of the Alps, the elegant city of Turin is the hub of Italy’s most up and coming music, food and arts scenes. A host of art nouveau and contemporary architecture, dotted with wide, tree lined avenues and grand squares make this city unique.

Moving to Central Italy after Brexit

Italy’s central region includes the lush rolling countryside of Umbria and Tuscany. It’s here that one of Europe’s great art cities, Florence, is a cultural delight for expats.

Removals to Italy Advance Moves

Works by Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Leonardo da Vinci are just some of the artistic wonders to be marveled at in this grand city, and it also boasts an effervescent restaurant and nightlife scene.

It goes without saying that Italy’s capital city is a remarkable destination. Rome is endlessly romantic and inspiring.

The city’s historical monuments are some of the most impressive in the world, its streets and piazzas pulsate with energy, and in the evenings traditional trattorias, chic cocktail bars, world class restaurants and hip night clubs all throb with cheerful revelry and invite you to join the party.

In the south the islands of Sicily and Sardinia gleam like pearls in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily charms your heart with jumbles of pink hued buildings and zesty scented lemon groves.

On the east coast volcanic Mount Etna smokes moodily amongst the dramatic mountain scenery, and the southern coast  offers seductive beaches where you can dine on freshly caught fish and seafood whilst listening to the gentle sound of the ocean waves.

In Sardinia the prehistoric villages and stone structures of the long dead Nuragic peoples are scattered amid the breathtaking natural scenery.


Removals to Rome

Rome, the capital city, is a bustling place to live, with all of the cultural and work opportunities that you would expect. There is a growing British expat community that live and work in Rome’s beautiful historic surroundings. By moving to Rome, you will learn to  combine work with a more relaxed Italian outlook on life. The mild climate makes dining al fresco in Rome’s historic piazzas and side streets a joy at any time of day. Roman ruins and beautiful renaissance buildings are at every turn and you will find both modern and historic apartments.

While Rome’s busy tourist trade can make some purchases expensive, property prices are generally cheaper than in other European cities. Rome also has a good variety of healthcare options for English speakers, including both public and private hospitals.

Removals to Lombardy

Milan, Italy’s financial capital, attracts expats with high-flying careers looking to add some Italian style to their lives. Although property prices are high, the city does offer good employment and business opportunities. Milan is also home to some of Italy’s larger universities, and so is a busy student town, which is a great source of rental income for property owners. The city offers excellent healthcare facilities and education, including International schools.

Moving to Milan, offers convenience of a city within driving distance, while living in more natural surroundings, head to the Italian Lakes. Milan has a rich cultural scene and luxury shops, but the lake side towns have stunning natural beauty and a luxurious relaxed atmosphere. Lake Garda and Lake Como are extremely popular places to live, and property can be a little pricey. But what a breathtakingly beautiful place to spend your time. There are quite a few English, Canadian and Americans expats living around lake Como and also towards Bergamo, Lecco, Como and Lugano.

Removals to Tuscany

Moving to Tuscany has been a favorite among Brits for many years.  So much so that one famous wine producing area has become known as ‘Chiantishire’. Who couldn’t love those rolling green hills and neat vineyards. If that wasn’t enough, you also have the charming regional capital of Florence, home to some of the world’s greatest artistic and architectural masterpieces. All this beauty comes at a price, but British expats have spread throughout the region to Pisa and Lucca and discovered more affordable homes in areas like Garfagnana to the north and Maremma to the south. A small expat community has even popped up in Lunigiana in the Apennine mountains.

Removals to Umbria

With Tuscany now an expensive area to live, many Brits are moving to Umbria. Umbria offers the same great scenery at more affordable prices. It has become popular with retiring expats as well as those hoping to make a living. Most people come to the area looking for a rural property that requires some renovation work. You will find a good selection of large ‘Casali’ farmhouses and smaller “rustici” farm buildings needing major restoration.

Location is important to those wanting to attract holiday rental business. The towns of Assisi and Perugia are the most well-known to tourists. Pretty towns like Gubbio and Orvieto are also up and coming areas. Tourism is a good business option for expats, with the rental of self-contained holiday cottages and small hotels both doing well. As the area is popular with those who like walking and cycling, organising tours or renting out equipment is another potential form of income. The region offers a traditional Italian way of life, particularly outside the main urban areas.

Removals to Apulia

Moving to  Apulia is becoming more popualr and expats  are mainly dotted around Ostuni and the Itria Valley, within driving distance of Brindisi and Bari airports. Towns like San Vito dei Normanni, Carovigno, Cisternino, Martina Franca, Oria and Alberobello, all have growing expat communities. Many people buy holiday homes that they can rent out to tourists and then moved to permanently when they retire. The low cost of living, slower pace of life and fantastic Mediterranean weather make it a perfect place to live year-round.

The region is well known for its fresh local produce including olive oil, cheese, wine, fruit and vegetables. With 800-kilometres of coastline surrounding the peninsula, you are never far away from a beach. The range of properties available is ideal for those who are looking to downsize and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. You will find many houses being on good sized plots of land with olive and fruit trees.

Removals to Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and boasts mild winters and hot summers. The lifestyle in Sicily is simple and laid back. There is a wide choice of areas to set up home, from busy cities like Palermo to smaller towns such as Vittoria. Another popular area with expats is Taormina, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The town has all the amenities, such as schools, restaurants and leisure facilities for year-round living. Moving to Sicily offers good opportunities for those who want to rent out holiday properties such as town houses or apartments, as the island attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year.

Sicily has been a popular tourist destination for many years and many British tourists have in turn fallen in love with the place and set up home here. Popular areas for expats include the eastern region and the inland area on the slopes of Mount Etna. Expats enjoy Sicily’s leisurely pace of life, great food, festivals and low cost of living.

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