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UK Spain Removals - Donít Forget To Label Your Boxes

UK Spain removals takes a lot of planning, but even with the most organised of people behind the scenes, there is always at least one task that is forgotten in the move. Itís amazing how even minor omissions can cause inconvenience at best, and major problems at worst, on moving day.

One of the things that is most often forgotten in the build up to the moving day itself is labelling the boxes. Removals to Spain will run more smoothly if the removals team knows where all of your belongings are meant to go when they get to your final destination. If the boxes arenít labelled, then they will either need to open all the boxes or take a guess. Opening the boxes is time consuming and may void the removals firmís insurance, which means that you will be left with unlabelled boxes placed in random rooms. Why do people forget something that seems so obvious in the run-up to their removals from Spain to UK or vice versa? Itís because when the boxes are packed, they are left in the room they were packed in. It is only afterwards, when the boxes are moved onto the lorry, that the issue of them not being labelled becomes apparent, and becomes a problem. The best thing to do is to label each box once it is full. Write the name of the room that the items came from (or where you want the box to be put when you reach Spain), a brief description of what is inside, and whether or not it is fragile.

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