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Van Hire UK To Spain

Van Hire UK To Spain - The Hidden Surprises When Hiring A Van To Move To Spain

Van hire UK to Spain sounds as though it will be a lot cheaper than hiring a removals firm to do everything for you. However, there can be many hidden costs and issues that donít immediately become apparent until it is too late. It is a good idea to research thoroughly before making a decision.

The tolls that will need to be paid when driving from the UK to Spain are often a surprise to those who have hired a van for their removals to Spain. You should put aside at least £100 for the toll roads in France. There is a different route which does avoid the tolls, but this is much longer, and will add at least another day to your journey. This will then involve an additional hotel stay, and more food, which will probably add up to over £100 anyway. A third option is to drive through eastern Spain, but although this is quicker, toll costs will be three times as much. Van hire Spain will often come with a minimum number of days that you will need to pay for Ė even if you donít need to use them. And you must also check your insurance coverage. Standard insurance may allow you to drive the van, but furniture and possessions are very often excluded from that standard insurance policy. This means that if someone were to break into the van and steal your belongings, you may not be able to claim for them. Finally, the excess of this type of insurance can be extremely high Ė donít just sign on the dotted line and assume all will be well.

Van hire UK to Spain may not be as good a bargain as it might seem. It is far more cost effective to use a professional removals company such as Advance Moves ( If you have any questions, please donít hesitate to get in touch: 0871 218 0612 or


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